Brands of Tipico&Cooperativo Tradition, knowledge and tastes for products of excellence


Who produces knows who uses, who uses knows who produces!

Tipico&Cooperativo is a Farmers Cooperative established by a group of producers that changed virtuous behaviour in system, choosing as principles transparency and control. The system is the quality warranty of health, natural and genuine products certified by the production chain.

The enterprises of Tipico&Cooperativo are placed in the heart of three areas: the mountains, the city and the plain.

For the end user’s tutelage and safeguard, the enterprises has chosen methods of production natural and safe: from the field to the table is the main goal of Tipico&Cooperativo, to allow the consumer to know the producer.

That is the reason why we have chosen a communication that gives value to the territory by taste itineraries, to discover the places of production.

Our tradition gave us flavours and knowledges that Tipico&Cooperativo wants to preserve and let know to suppliers and consumers. By Tipico&Cooperativo end user finds richness of typical products and taste.